General information about Quietside

Some things in life are meant to go together. Peas and carrots, football and Sunday afternoons, bacon and eggs; the list goes on. Sometimes necessity brings together two concepts that, once combined, make us wonder what we did before their marriage. In the world of heating and cooling, one such marriage is the combination hydronic home heating and Domestic Hot Water (DHW) heating. The two systems work with so much mechanical overlap it seems silly we ever worked without the combi boiler.


A combi boiler, simply put, is a two-in-one domestic hot water heater and home heating boiler. As a high-efficiency gas fired water heater, a combi boiler heats the water used in washing the dishes and taking a bath. As a high-efficiency gas-fired boiler, a combi boiler keeps our living rooms and bedrooms toasty and comfortable. Combining these devices gives us a pairing to rival peanut butter and jelly.

The Quietside Company, founded in 1988, dedicates itself to the sort of no-nonsense utility embodied by the combi boiler. With headquarters in California, Quietside makes quality HVAC products and environmental responsibility their mission. Much like the pairing of home and domestic hot water heating in a combi boiler, environmental consciousness and HVAC products should have been combined years ago. Most of the world’s energy usage is related to HVAC. By using modern technologies to make HVAC products more efficient and useful, Quietside strives to protect the environment for future generations. This commitment to environmental utility also means Quietside, by necessity, strives to manufacture and sell only top-flight HVAC products.

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